What if you could connect with your audience in a different way? What if you could gain their trust lifting the barriers that stand between your business objectives and their loyalty?

What if your audience visited your website, blog or your social media channels as a routine to help them make decisions, stay informed, seek out new experiences, or simply brighten up their day.

Imagine if your customers could relate to your brand as a valuable ally; like a partner who understands their unique needs and takes on their personal goals and aspirations as their own. A brand who they believe they can rely on to deliver the dream It’s been entrusted to build.

We can help you create this special bond and develop lasting relationships with your customers, harnessing the power of compelling storytelling.


Driven by innovation, creativity and passion in everything we do, we help travel and leisure brands thrive and prosper through the art of digital storytelling.

We create highly tailored content that resonates powerfully with your audience while achieving your business goals.

We deploy interactive and engaging campaigns designed to drive traffic and conversions, boost brand awareness, reinforce brand positioning, foster loyalty, grow retention, and build revenue.

We strive to make your brand stand out delivering captivating and distinctive multimedia content to drive sales and own your space in a crowded age of digital communications.


Build Engagement And Grow Loyalty: We Infuse Soul Into Your Brand To Create A Community Of Fans

What is a brand with a soul, you may ask? A brand that has soul shares a passion with its customers. A brand with soul has a fan base of peers who strongly identify with the brand; not just customers.

Instead of simply creating a corporate identity, we create a lasting bond with your customers elaborating campaigns and brand stories that cultivate these kind of soulful connections.

To do so, we conduct solid research to understand your audience’s beliefs, behaviours, values needs and interests. We then deliver unique content that addresses these unique characteristics, and finally REACH OUT, effectively, developing the right marketing platforms with these KEY factors in mind.

"Speak to your audience in their language about what's in their heart"~Nick Besbeas

Drive Traffic and Conversions: We Enthral And Entice Delivering Emotions

One of the most powerful tool we have as marketeers is emotion. Because we are humans before being consumers, we are naturally more inclined to act in response to an emotional message rather than facts. 

We understand that travel and leisure brands are primarily in the business of delivering feelings. Quality matters, but the most important feature your product boasts is the emotion it sparks in the customer.

We believe a story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission : our hearts. Facts can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act. To do that, you need to wrap your brand offerings in a story that captures people’s imagination, triggers their emotions and ignites their soul.

At Emporia, we tap into this key human element to drive traffic and conversions creating both enticing content and the TOOLS that deliver personalised and relevant experiences to your audience.

We Turn Dreams into a Vision...

Luxury Travel

Building Trust And Awareness: We Deploy Content To Make Your Brand An Authority And Educate Consumers About Your Brand

The lasting success of your brand depends on the loyalty of your customers. In order to build loyalty you first need to gain trust among your audience.

Content marketing is the most effective way of building that trust, because:

A.  It allows you to efficiently convey your brand’s personality and offerings without being overly and overtly promotional.

B.  Quality content delivered on a regular basis makes your brand an authority on your subject.

C.  Being an authority is KEY as it builds trust and TRUST is a major factor people make purchasing decisions on.

As the saying goes, great marketing doesn't feel like marketing. When you give out advice, engaging stories and information that is of genuine use or interest; in other words, when people find value in your content, you no longer have to engage in any high pressure sales tactics.

While traditional advertising and marketing focuses on pushing sales when consumers are comparing products from different vendors, we deploy a content strategy that taps into the first two stages of the buying cycle — awareness and research — by raising awareness and educating consumers about your brand.

"Today it's important to be present, be relevant and add value"~Nick Besbeas

Strengthening Customer Relationship: We Deliver Content That Adds Value

You add value to someone’s life when you ANTICIPATE their NEEDS. This requires that you pay attention to, and really know a person.

But nothing adds more value than when a brand passes on useful information or resources without you asking.

At Emporia, we provide intelligent and fruitful ways to serve.

We can help you become that exceptional brand which truly adds value to people’s life while cultivating strong and lasting relationships.

Sharing practical information, valuable advice, resources or even perks delivered through appropriate platforms and tools will achieve just that.


Content Creation
We create multimedia content tailored to your target audience and brand objectives. Whether for your website, a specific campaign, brochure, brand publication, App or as a stand-alone blog. We provide localised brand content on a global scale that is on-trend, on-brand, bespoke and engaging to your audience. Our content and implementation team take responsibility for uploading all material. Their proactive attitude eliminates all the stress and time constraints.
Digital Campaigns
We produce beyond bespoke campaigns focused on personalisation, enhancing customer experience, interaction and making the most of social, mobile and content. Campaigns are tailor-made to each client, leading to greater engagement, enhanced brand perception and increased profitability. We use a range of communication channels and marketing tools to build brand awareness, revenue and strengthen messages across multiple platforms.
Research / Insight
Making great content isn’t enough if it’s not addressing the customers you’re trying to target. We elaborate a data-driven content strategy informed by the habits and desires of the brand audience. We conduct comprehensive research and deliver insightful analysis insuring that every creative idea we deploy sits at the intersection of resonating with your audience while meeting your business goals.


Magda Ouanes

Former Key Account Manager @ Total Publishing Solutions in Dubai, Magda Ouanes conducted a significant number of local & regional Public Relations campaigns, events and Marketing projects for a diversified portfolio of international leading brands.

After pursuing Journalism studies in Canada, she wrote independently for several online and print media in Montreal, Dubai, Paris and London before launching Emporia Agency.

Her experience in communications, marketing and events planning included work on several key accounts and brands shown below. Just click on the logos to find out more.

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